Augmented Business Performance

The right tools at the right time

Your business needs trusted hardware in order to ensure that operations are never interrupted. The refurbished technical solutions offered by Rewarding Services ensure that you can always count on just that—an effective, reliable infrastructure.

Everything You Need And More

All the pieces in place

We offer a variety of refurbished components from certified and respected hardware manufacturers that meet each of the requirements of our clients, regardless of the level of performance needed. From multi-function printers to modern PC components capable of upgrading existing infrastructure configurations, our technical services ensure that you’re always able to count on powerful, value-adding components.

  • Refurbished hardware that rationalises your IT spend
  • Tested components available for sale, rent or lease
  • Versatile products that can fit a variety of use cases
  • Storage solutions that keep your data safe and accessible
  • Networking hardware that ensures high levels of connectivity

Guided Support

On the right track

With a wide variety of manufacturers iterating on their products every year with new features, it can be tough for businesses to make up-to-date purchasing decisions—that is, until now. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of all of the hardware that we provide to our clients in order to help them make informed choices when upgrading their infrastructure. With this guidance, any business can ensure seamless hardware installation and configuration with minimal impact to their operations and internal processes, while simultaneously experiencing unparalleled long-term performance.

  • Suppliers that deliver the hardware most suited to your needs
  • Insightful advice that keeps forward compatibility in mind to improve infrastructure longevity
  • Knowledgeable experts that can advise best-practice approaches to hardware servicing
  • Individual or packaged solutions that meet the needs of small and large businesses alike

Fully Vetted

Refurbished, tested, and ready

Every individual asset that Rewarding Services acquires undergoes rigorous assessments in our in-house facilities—intense simulated and real-world stress-testing procedures guarantee high levels of performance. Moreover, our extensive warranty gives businesses the assurance of knowing that they can rely on each and every one of the components that they acquire from us without worrying about any malfunctioning asset slipping through the cracks and causing damage to their IT ecosystem.

A robust framework

A competitive edge

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