Back From The Brink

Improved IT resilience

Disaster can strike your infrastructure without warning—Rewarding Services works to help your business minimise the impact of any sudden disruption and, when the worst does occur, provide the services and equipment you need to bring—and keep—your systems online.

A Measured Approach

Preventing damage from occurring

The hazards that pose significant threat to your company are unique to your location, industry, and offered services. Our testing scenarios better identify the high-risk dangers that you need to be aware of in order to help your IT teams establish actionable, comprehensive recovery procedures that can reliably be carried out at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s through the implementation of redundant backup systems or decentralisation of your data storage, these applicable contingency plans help your business weather any storm.

  • Identify key systems, components, and data sets
  • Evaluate the readiness of your IT teams
  • Implement infrastructure improvements
  • Set measurable recovery point and recovery time objectives
  • Reduce the downtime associated with extensive recovery

Data Recovery

Restoring all of your critical files

Regardless of its origin, permanent data loss can significantly affect both your ability to effectively operate, as well as consumer confidence in your capabilities. Rewarding Services reduces the likelihood of this happening to our clients by working tireless to restore their data in ISO-certified cleanroom environments, regardless of whether they were stored in servers or flash, hard or solid-state drives.

  • Experienced technicians capable of restoring damaged disc partitions
  • Powerful recovery software that is capable of identifying and repairing logical bad sectors
  • Swift data imaging that prevents further loss during recovery
  • Meticulous approaches that explore data retrieval from every conceivable angle
  • Diligent teams that strictly adhere to the agreed upon SLAs

Fit-For-Purpose Tools

Equipment that keeps you afloat

You need more than a plan of action—you also the needs the equipment to effectively execute it. From power generators that keep your systems online to off-site servers that enable you to store copies of your critical data, the high-availability equipment that we provide for our clients helps improve organisational resilience by reducing vulnerabilities to interruptions caused by both internal and external threats. With our support, your business can rest assured of the long-term security, efficiency, and integrity of its core IT systems.

Safeguarded assets

Continuous availability

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