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On-site data shredding now available!

IT data shredding for hard drives, tape cartridges, cell phones, PDAs, CDs, tape drives, and much more. We provide you a wide array of data destruction services to guarantee peace of mind and help you meet security requirements.

Data Shredding

Tested Methods

We operate only using the latest technologies by internationally recognized standards. Our process addresses international security requirements that also ensures our service technology is recycled and disposed of using environmentally friendly methods.

  • Safe and secure destruction methods
  • Adherence to international standards

Destruction services

Multi-Platform Destruction

Data destruction services available for hard drives, tape cartridges, PDAs, cell phones, CDs, floppy drives, and much more

  • Data shredding labs are located in secure facilities owned and operated by our certified partners
  • Pickup and transportation services available with secure lockboxes
  • Certificate of destruction provided after completion to ensure complete security and peace of mind

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