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Robust payment systems

Are you looking to make transactions simpler, quicker, and safer? We're here to help. Regardless of whether it's a feature-complete software application or easily integrated API, our solutions streamline the acceptance and day-to-day management of payments for our clients.

Compliance At The Fore

Expert-level knowledge of restrictive regulations

It’s no surprise that fintech payment solutions are coming under increasing scrutiny. That’s why our team is comprised of finance industry veterans that have experience navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Their knowledge ensures that each of the solutions that we deliver comply with the standards set by PCI DSS, SEPA, MiFid, and more based on the region in which your business operates.

  • Prevent your business from succumbing to fraud
  • Reduce your risk of incurring infractions and fines
  • Foster trust in your services among customers and clients
  • Improve your organisational resilience to data theft and cyberattacks
  • Create a strong risk management foundation that can be consistently expanded upon

Cross-Platform Solutions

Ever-present accessibility

Rewarding Services always strives to simplify the lives of businesses. We accomplish this offering a number of solutions that are compatible with web portals, POS systems, and mobile applications alike, facilitating the acceptance and processing of both card-present and card-not-present transactions across all of the most popular payment platforms.

  • Accept payments both online and in person
  • Provide flexible payment options for customers and clients
  • Generate conversions by accelerating transactions
  • Expand the scope of your offered services
  • Leverage a unified platform to aggregate and analyse financial data

Simpler Integrations

Tap into an existing infrastructure

Not everyone needs robust, feature-complete software applications—that’s why we also help our clients on a smaller scale by offering the ability to seamlessly integrate powerful APIs into their software of choice. Our solutions enable businesses to expand the capabilities of their existing payment-processing applications by implementing the functionality needed to accept NFC-based mobile payments, RFID contactless payments through a variety of smart devices, and more.

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