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Information drives business—every decision needs to be founded on sound, actionable data. Rewarding Services improves this decision-making agility by hosting your data in up-to-date servers that feature leading levels of uptime.

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Configurable dedicated servers

More flexible and capable than shared hosting solutions, dedicated servers enable your business to customise its hosting plan with variable hardware configurations, operating environments, data transfer speeds, and more. Finely tuned to meet the precise requirements of your business, dedicated servers provide unparalleled scalability, security, and power, resulting in improved database responsiveness even at times of peak server load.

  • Multi-core, hyper-threaded CPUs that dramatically improve server processing performance
  • Various operating systems to meet diverse requirements
  • Hard and solid-state data drives that can be configured as RAID 0, 1, 5, or 6 arrays
  • Expandable memory that can improve the multitasking capabilities of your server
  • Multiple levels of data transfer allowance to meet the needs of each and every business

Meticulously Managed

Hands-on support

Managing the needs of your data hosting solutions can be infinitely complex—software and OS updates, performance monitoring, and backup scheduling requires a support team dedicated entirely to the cause. Managed data hosting facilitates all of these processes and more by placing your servers in the hands of data management experts committed to the consistent maintenance and support of each of your servers.

  • Limit reliance on highly specialised in-house IT teams
  • Benefit from managed support that understands your needs
  • Improve the security and privacy of your data through managed activity logging and auditing
  • Optimise server performance to improve data processing efficiency
  • Receive regular reports for up-to-date insight into the health of your hosting solutions

Streamlined File Management

Complete, easy-to-use portals

The data hosting solutions that we provide come with the option of including unique cPanel access that can be used to manage the server. With these simple, yet powerful, control panels, businesses can manage their individual files, databases, emails, and file transfer protocols all from one convenient dashboard. Consistently updated and widely supported by all of the most popular operating systems, cPanels provide businesses with everything that they need to take control over every aspect of their data hosting.

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