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The colocation centres made available by Rewarding Services take great care to blend managed, hands-on support with cutting-edge technologies to empower your business with the security, reliability, and performance that you need from a modern, off-site IT infrastructure.

The Perfect Fit

To scale and to spec

Every business needs to be able to count on an extensive IT framework to effectively carry out their daily tasks—requirements, however, can often change at a moment’s notice. We provide our clients with the day-to-day scalability that they need by housing their IT systems in secure, fibre-optic connected data centres that feature unparalleled responsiveness, uptime, and management flexibility.

  • Scale your power consumption based on fluctuating periods of resource demand
  • Minimise the time your teams spend micromanaging a physical in-house IT infrastructure
  • Benefit from meticulous support that keeps your systems running at optimal levels
  • Leverage a physical infrastructure that can be modified to meet your unique specifications
  • Accommodate large spikes in network usage thanks to flexible bandwidth capacities

Uniquely Yours

The power of privacy

Our EIA-compliant server racks and full-scale IT cabinets are housed in distinct enclosures that give your equipment the respect that it deserves. Fixed bandwidth and data transmission speeds, physical and IDS security systems, and on-site, redundant 2N power substations ensure that each and every one of your business-critical activities and components go uninterrupted and uncompromised.

  • Independent power distribution systems that prevent outages from affecting your systems
  • Powerful HVAC systems that efficiently dissipate heat, improving component longevity
  • Up-to-date firewalls that prevent worms or malware from compromising your network
  • Passive protection systems that can pre-emptively protect components from fires
  • Multi-layered security protocols that restrict unnecessary physical access to your IT infrastructure

The Cloud Compromise

Simpler transitions towards the future of IT—cloud computing

The cloud is increasingly transforming IT by enabling decentralised, 24/7 access to software, data, and system resources. Unfortunately, many industries are heavily regulated, restricting their ability to leverage the capabilities of the technology. Rewarding Services’ approach to colocation rectifies this by combining the best features of physical and cloud operating environments into one appealing package—improved data security and redundancy, managed off-site systems, and unrestricted, on-demand access to your computing resources lets you experience the best of a hybrid world.

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